Modern, Device-Based Voice Automation for All Industry Workflows


Advanced Voice Recognition

AccuSpeechMobile's modern, robust speech recognition is optimized for mobile devices in over 40 languages. Designed for industry workflows, cutting edge noise abatement technology delivers outstanding recognition in noisy environments. A speaker-independent voice engine works for all users out-of-the-box, without the need to voice train or maintain voice files for each user.

Mobile Device Architecture

AccuSpeechMobile is a 100% device-based solution. No voice server or middleware is required and no changes are needed to the backend system (WMS, ERP, EAM, CMMS). Cloud or network connection is not required to use the full functionality of device-based data collection.

Multi-Modal Capable

AccuSpeechMobile fully supports multi-modal capabilities so that users can hear spoken information and speak commands in tandem with the use of intelligent scanners. The ability to reference additional information on the device screen is also always available in conjunction with speech-to-text and text-to-speech commands. 

Voice Automation

Speed workflow by removing repetitive steps from the process. RPA can include keystroke entries, function keys, scanning and more. Voice automation with AccuSpeechMobile streamlines and improves workflows while increasing accuracy.

Agile Development & Deployment

AccuSpeechMobile's device-based architecture allows for rapid application development cycle where changes can be tested on individual units on the floor or in the field, refining workflows, without interrupting production workflows. The device-based architecture, also supports staged deployment which can be timed to meet your operational requirements.
AccuSpeechMobile's training modes also support rapid ramp-up time for new and seasonal staff (including bilingual support).

Device Agnostic

AccuSpeechMobile works with non-proprietary hardware and will run on popular mobile devices including industrial handhelds, tablets, mobile phones and intelligent scanners. AccuSpeechMobile supports mobile devices with voice capabilities running Android, iOS, Windows, TE and Web.

Rapid ROI & Lower TCO

Double-digit improvements in workforce productivity is a typical outcome after deploying AccuSpeechMobile, with an ROI of less than ten months on average. Installation from design to production averages from four to twelve weeks. A significant reduction in errors also positively impacts overall profitability. When compared to legacy, server-based voice solutions, AccuSpeechMobile delivers a lower overall total cost of ownership which is further enhanced over time as costly server-based renewal fees are avoided or eliminated.

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