Vision & Voice

Multimodal Directed Workflows

Heads-Up Display with Voice Automation

Voice automation integrated with the Zebra Technologies HD4000 rugged enterprise Head-Mounted Display. Vision, Voice and Scanning seamlessly integrated and tailored to your unique processes. 

Zebra Technologies HD4000

Zebra Technologies HD4000
The Zebra HD4000 is an enterprise-class mobile device accessory. The best in class see-through display technology delivers unmatched color, contrast and image quality and the no-battery/no-chipset architecture ensures a light, wearable experience for users.
Zebra Validated Badge Color
AccuSpeechMobile's voice automation solution validated with Zebra Technologies TC77 & HD4000, 10/2020.


Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-text Interface available in over 40 languages.


Text and Images in the users field of view. Feather-light HUD, crisp and sharp image quality.


Multimodal support for barcode scanning as part of the workflow process.


AccuSpeechMobile automates the workflow process including voice, vision & scanning.

Multimodal Workflow Automation

For Industry Workflows in the Supply Chain, Factory & Field Services

Warehouse, Distribution

Empower the workforce with voice and vision for processes such as picking, packing, put away, and many more.

Factory or Plant

Combine voice and vision to ensure hands-free, eyes-free enterprise asset management, inspection and maintenance.

Field Services

Direct field services staff with inspection and repair procedures. Ensure safety by freeing hands and eyes.
Voice Automated Vision Picking
Optimize picking and other workflows in the warehouse or distribution center with multimodal workflows that include voice input/output and visual prompts displayed on the smart glasses. Workers are guided through the process with easy reference to relevant information for the current task.
Workforce Ramp-Up
Typical ramp-to-rate for new team members in the warehouse is between two and four weeks for a process that does not already include voice or vision. Ramp-to-rate time can be as short as a day with a voice automated vision enabled workflows.
Workforce Safety
Audio commands spoken and heard by the team members combined with visual information on the heads-up display ensures that hands are free to focus on the task. There's no need to refer to the mobile device screen. Confirmation of information needed during a process can be seen on the screen, adding efficiencies for the staff and improving work satisfaction.
Workforce Optimization
With workflows automated to include voice, vision and scanning new levels of efficiency are possible with the current infrastructure and team.  The mobile device-based architecture allows for a staged roll-out that is non-disruptive to production operations. There is no voice server, middleware or integration with the WMS/ERP/CRM/Homegrown application system, so there is no need for a disruptive cut-over scenario. 
Heads Up Display with Voice

Get Started Now

See a demonstration of a workflow automated with voice, vision and scanning. We'll show you the process before and after adding voice and vision and answer your questions about working with voice, vision and scanning for your unique workflows.
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