Distribution Center

Add Voice to Multiple Workflows in the DC

Many workflows in the distribution center can be improved with voice automation. Here are some of the applications our customers have voice enabled. AccuSpeechMobile customers typically voice automate over ten workflows in the DC.

Voice Automation in the Distribution Center 

Voice directed picking improves productivity and accuracy. Piece, case, pallet, batch, zone, wave and other picking methods can be voice automated.
Ensure that goods are stored quickly and efficiently. Voice directed put-away improves accuracy and efficiency for the process.
Packaging is another popular workflow to voice enable. No changes are needed to the WMS/ERP system to deploy voice to mobile devices on the floor.
Inventory, inventory auditing, stock management and related functions are also well suited to voice automation.
Shipping is often voice-enabled as the next step in order fulfillment. Cross-docking is another area that benefits from voice automation.
Receiving, inspection, replenishment workflows benefit from improved workflow, increased accuracy and shorter processing times.

Voice for Picking & More

AccuSpeechMobile for Picking & More

Order picking as part of the fulfillment process continues to be an important area of the supply chain to optimize. Voice automation improves productivity and reduces errors. In the retail sector, wholesale as well as direct-to-consumer shipments require increased levels of accuracy.

Extending Voice to Other Workflows

Picking workflows are voice automated initially, and as the benefits and ease of development and deployment are realized, additional workflows in the DC such as packing will be considered. Additional applications may be considered outside the four walls as well.
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