Speak To Me POC

Hearing is Believing

Have you experienced legacy voice solutions that were difficult to deploy and did not work as advertised? You're not alone.

We’ve created the SpeakToMe POC just for you. You want proof, in your environment, in a reasonable time-frame.

Give us a day and we’ll travel to your location and show you with your application.

We’ll demonstrate AccuSpeechMobile with one of your applications and you’ll experience the flexibility and rapid deployment for yourself. Naturally, a full deployment of voice automation will require more than a day for a production project. With the SpeakToMe POC you will see firsthand that voice enabled workflow on the device – without a voice server and without changes to the WMS – is well within your reach.

Ready to learn more?

Call 949-379-3734 (9am – 5pm PST), email info@accuspeechmobile.com or complete the Contact Form and we’ll be in touch soon.

We look forward to working with you.

Schedule a Speak-To-Me-POC

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