Voice for SAP Workflows

Complex Manufacturing,
Production Engineering and Operations 

Voice with SAP 

Manufacturing operations involve a high degree of skilled labor to effectively manage regulatory oversight while maintaining flexibility and agility to manage design changes.

Hands-free, eyes-free workflow with RPA automation can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of these workflow processes.

Mobile Operations

Voice with SAP CAMS Accelerator

For customers using SAP CAMS Accelerator, SAP Work Manager or SAP PEO, Voice commands and responses can be deployed entirely on the mobile device - no changes needed to the SAP application, no voice server or middleware is needed.

Voice automation can be designed to include tailored instructions for technicians. Voice automated workflows reduce the number of steps for the team while improving worker safety.

Voice Controlled Assembly and Inspection

United Launch Alliance (ULA), a joint venture owned by Lockheed Martin and The Boeing Company is the nation’s most experienced and reliable launch service provider.

ULA chose AccuSpeechMobile to provide hands-free capabilities for its manufacturing execution system, which is used by the mobile workforce for construction, assembly and inspection its Atlas and Delta launch vehicles.

ULA’s future goal is to deploy mobile devices capable of presenting augmented reality animated 3D models which allow workers to use voice commands to assemble and disassemble the models and voice automated prompts to provide personnel with work instructions.

Voice with SAP Work Manager

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