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VOICE TECHNOLOGY: It’s not just for picking anymore

Pick-by-voice solutions have been streamlining the picking process in warehouses and distribution centers for years. Now the technology is being applied widely to other workflows, driving even more efficiency in today’s fast-paced DCs.

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Voice-directed picking made easy

DC Velocity Article discusses how United Facilities is speeding the picking process and improving workflow with help from voice-automation solutions provider AccuSpeechMobile.

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Voice Automating Workflows: Bob Bova AccuSpeechMobile

On this episode of Supply Chain Now, Scott and Greg broadcast live from MODEX 2020, and welcome Bob Bova with Accuspeech Mobile to the Supply Chain Now booth.

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AccuSpeechMobile Adds voice automated workflow support for mobile devices running iOS

The new support for iOS allows organizations to voice optimize operational workflows in the warehouse, field and plant running on Apple mobile devices. AccuSpeechMobile, a leading provider of voice automated workflow solutions for the supply chain, field services and EAM announced that the solution is now available for Apple iOS mobile devices. The new support […]

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Special Technology Report on Warehouse Management Systems/Voice-Directed Picking

For this report, MLIT spoke with industry analysts and leading vendors about trends and development for the areas of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Voice-Directed Picking solutions – and what the not-too distant future may hold.

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Inventory Voice Technology Speaks for Itself

Voice solutions are as diverse as the algorithms and analytics driving them—exposing new opportunities.

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Voice-enabled IIoT

IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things) makes it possible to track and reduce the high costs of maintenance by managing the inspection information on a timely basis.

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IIoT Voice Applications: Changing the Face of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

In the maintenance, repair, and mobile inspection market, users and vendors are starting a diligent move toward application development for tasks in the field (and in facilities).

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