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Voice Picking

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Voice Picking in the Warehouse

Voice Picking - Proven Results

Voice Picking, also referred to as pick-by-voice or speech-based picking is a proven technology to improve operating efficiencies in the warehouse or distribution center. AccuSpeechMobile's voice automation solution is ideal if you are looking to improve productivity, reduce errors, see tangible improvements immediately (typically six weeks) and realize an ROI of less than a year.
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Hands Free, Eyes Free Workflow
Improves Picking Efficiency
Reduces Error Rates
Reduces Labor Costs
Improves Worker Safety

A Better Pick Path

"AccuSpeechMobile… optimizes WM
to create a better pick path, a better sequence and better quality on the pick side."
Ken Gladwin, Celeres

Why Use Voice for Picking?

AccuSpeechMobile Voice-Enables & Automates Workflow on the Mobile Device
Mobile - Paperless
Picking is one component of the overall order fulfillment process. AccuSpeechMobile is deployed on intelligent mobile devices or intelligent barcode scanners used in the warehouse or distribution center. The mobile devices communicate with the backend WMS.


Without voice enabled workflows, the picking team must type or push keys on the device to complete the picking workflow. Using voice automation from AccuSpeechMobile, the picker can speak commands to the device via a headset, freeing eyes and hands for other work.


Without voice, the picker must refer to the screen of the mobile device to see where they are in the pick process. After voice-enabled workflows have been developed, the on-screen textual information is automatically read to the user, freeing eyes and hands for other tasks.

Workflow Automation

AccuSpeechMobile's unique voice automation platform supports robotic process automation, replacing manual effort in the picking workflow with automation, reducing steps and streamlining the overall picking process. Process automation combined with voice is a powerful combination.

What Are Customers Saying?

Voice Picking Delivers Increased Productivity & Reduced Errors

Additional Workflows 

Picking is an ideal application for voice - but how about voice cycle-count, voice receiving, or voice put-away? All of these workflows can be voice-enabled, and many more, within and outside the four walls.

AccuSpeechMobile voice automates all your mobile workflows.

Increase Order Fulfillment Accuracy

Reduce Data Entry Errors

Which Order Picking Methods are Suitable for Voice? 

Popular order picking approaches all work well with voice automation, including
Piece, Pallet, Case, Single Order & Batch or Multi-Order, Zone,
Pick-n-Pass and Wave Picking.

"We went from 99% to 99.9% accuracy."

Jason Zigo, RIDGID
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