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AccuSpeechMobile New Voice Technology Brings Faster ROI by Avoiding High Costs of Older Server-Based Solutions

AccuSpeechMobile’s mobile architecture allows for added voice control productivity and optimization to existing WMS applications. This new voice technology brings faster ROI by avoiding the high costs associated with older server-based solutions.

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AccuSpeechMobile Voice Architecture Voice Powers Existing Mobile Applications Solely from Mobile Devices

The AccuSpeechMobile voice architecture voice powers existing enterprise mobile applications solely from today’s mobile devices.

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AccuSpeechMobile Voice Automates Existing WMS Apps

Direct execution of device functions increases accuracy, data integrity, and delivers even faster operations, voice automates existing WMS applications.

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CTO at AccuSpeechMobile Bill Arthur Architect of the Patented Mobile Voice Enabling Solution

William (Bill) Arthur, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at AccuSpeechMobile, is the architect behind the AccuSpeechMobile Voice & Automation Solution.

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AccuSpeechMobile Voice Enabling and Automation Console Gives Customer Control – Not Costly Vendor Control

AccuSpeechMobile's voice enabling and automation console gives control to voice-enable and optimize DC applications, reducing the high costs of professional services.

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New Innovative Voice Technology in Demand According to AccuSpeechMobile CEO Bob Bova

According to Bova, “The demand is great whether in the manufacturing, industrial, retail, or distribution space. One of the greatest impacts of the new innovative voice technology is the ability to decrease the ramp-up time required for temporary and seasonal staff.”

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AccuSpeechMobile Voice Architecture Impacts Every Dimension of Deploying Voice Productivity

A device-based WMS voice productivity architecture impacts economics with a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) at a fraction of older technologies, scalability across scores of applications, not just one or two.

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Kevin Mun VP of AccuSpeechMobile Leads Voice-enabling of Mobile Applications for Customers

Kevin Mun, Vice President of Operations of AccuSpeechMobile, manages operations and internal engineers that support the voice-enabling of mobile applications for customers.

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