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Kevin Mun VP of AccuSpeechMobile Leads Voice-enabling of Mobile Applications for Customers

Irvine, CA, October 8, 2018

Kevin Mun, Vice President of Operations of AccuSpeechMobile, manages operations and internal engineers that support the voice-enabling of mobile applications for customers. Mun also supervises training programs that empower new customers to use the AccuSpeechMobile solution to voice-enable, automate, and employ voice change management for mobile applications.

Mun has in-depth and hands-on experience deploying the AccuSpeechMobile solution for customers. He has analyzed, process, and procedures, voice-enabled and automated scores of customer applications at multiple sites for more than fifteen enterprise customers. After ten years with AccuSpeechMobile, Mun has served as Director of Sales, Sales Engineering, and now as Vice President of Operations.

The combination of roles Mun has served, gives him perhaps the most thorough perspective on customer requirements, the variety and complexity of mobile enterprise environments, and the custom approach required to voice-enable and automate mobile operations.

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About AccuSpeechMobile

AccuSpeechMobile’s unique, completely device-based solution voice enables and automates Supply Chain operations, including warehouse (WMS, ERP), distribution and field service applications (mobile inspection, maintenance and repair). AccuSpeechMobile extends the useful life of existing investments and connects to any warehouse management system (WMS, ERP), allowing clients to rapidly achieve double-digit improvements in workforce productivity, increased accuracy, workforce safety and operational efficiency.

Supply chain, distribution, field services, logistics, retail and transportation operations benefit from AccuSpeechMobile’s device-based approach, often deploying the voice interface within weeks and demonstrating productivity gains immediately. Leading organizations in industries such as Aerospace, Apparel, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Publishing, Retail, Sporting Goods, Manufacturing, Wholesale and more have voice enabled multiple applications, demonstrating positive ROI in under 12 months.

The AccuSpeechMobile solution works with Android, Windows, TE (terminal emulation) and Web-based mobile devices. Voice Picking is a common first application for AccuSpeechMobile and additional distribution applications such as packing, cycle count, put away, shipping and receiving are popular candidates for voice interfaces, extending the productivity enhancements across the distribution center or field services operations.

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