Why The Speak to Me POC

Kevin Mun   |    
February 3, 2020

Why we Created the Speak to Me POC

Why did we create the Speak to Me Proof of Concept (STMPOC)? When we meet potential new clients, we are usually discussing voice automation in the context of improving productivity and accuracy in operations. As we learn about their business, we find unique workflows and tailored modifications to software applications such as the WMS or ERP systems. Although there are many similarities between organizations that are delivering goods and services, each customer has developed a distinctive approach to managing and optimizing their operations.

Each organization is also striving to meet new performance targets while showing a positive return for the investment. What new strategies and technologies should be evaluated to improve performance? Advances in automation and artificial intelligence are exciting and often in the trade press, yet product maturity is still young and the investment for these solutions is quite high and it’s highly disruptive to transition to these technologies. Customers are actively looking for options. What options are available now, today, to drive additional productivity and allow for a recoup of the investment in a reasonable timeframe? Consider voice automating your workflows.

Show Me the Money

When we tell people that our voice automation solution can be deployed quickly and will deliver in 4-6 weeks, improved productivity and error reduction - with a very strong ROI, well it sounds just too good to be true. Partly this response is due to confusing the AccuSpeechMobile voice automated workflow solution with first generation legacy voice solutions. We could list off all the details here – but the key thing to note is that we’re willing to show you, with your data, in your environment within a day or two – we’ll prove it to you.

Voice Automated Workflows

The AccuSpeechMobile solution provides an abstraction layer between your existing backend application systems (WMS, ERP, EAM) and the mobile workforce on the floor. Workflow sequences such as picking, packing, shipping and many other workflows can be optimized with voice automation. Using the AccuSpeechMobile solution, the original workflow process is streamlined. Voice automation guides the user through complex standard operating procedures automatically and executes redundant elements automatically (function keys, data population). The time to develop and deploy AccuSpeechMobile voice automated workflows is also compressed since no changes are needed to the core applications and no middleware is required.

How the Speak to Me POC Works

What Are Your Objectives?

We discuss your objectives and your operating environment. AccuSpeechMobile runs on the mobile device, so we can optimize workflows for any backend application system onsite or running in the cloud. AccuSpeechMobile software runs on rugged handhelds and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones that support voice, including mobile devices running Android, WinCE, Terminal Emulation with StayLinked, WaveLink and TinyTERM as well as Apple OS and Web Browser-Based interfaces. A headset is also needed and AccuSpeechMobile works with popular headset vendors wired and wireless versions.

Once we understand your environment and business goals, we select a workflow for the STMPOC, we review the standard operating procedures for the process. Before we visit your site, we work with you to ensure that an appropriate testing environment is in place and a point person from your team is available.

Visiting Your Site

We then visit your location and learn about the workflow process in your application and on the floor with the team. We also talk with your team about your goals and any special requirements. We then create the voice automated workflow for the process and begin testing it. This typically takes a day or two. We make sure to get your input as we go through this process. We also test the voice input with several users, with no prior voice training required. (AccuSpeechMobile is a user-independent voice solution and never needs voice training, unlike the first generation legacy voice solutions.)

Demonstrating the Results

We are often are asked at this stage to demonstrate the initial workflow automation to a larger team, which we’re happy to do. Recently, during a Speak to Me POC we tested the new AccuSpeechMobile Voice Automated Workflow with team members from the US Southeast, India and Mexico. We were also asked to create the Spanish version of the workflow for team members from Mexico, which we did on the spot and demonstrated the workflow in Spanish successfully.

What Have You Got to Gain?

If you’re looking for viable options to improve operational productivity in a very short timeframe with a positive return on investment, consider voice automated workflows with AccuSpeechMobile. We're looking forward to speaking with you!

Visit this page to request more information about the Speak to Me POC.

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