New Automation Architecture Drives Changes in the Voice Picking Landscape

Automation Media:

Server-based voice picking companies have been promoting custom, proprietary systems as superior to existing workflows and businesses processes. Embedded in these claims is a bit of arrogance about what is best for businesses claiming they are the experts of voice picking. While there have been successes utilizing well-known server-based voice-embedded, with big names like Vocollect, many companies have been burned, leaving a sour taste for voice-picking. The promises of integrated software modules integrating to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) has given way to costly upgrade charges every so many years.

Legacy server-based picking applications have been around since the late 1990’s. These giants, when taking a closer look, have one application that is voice enabled for EVERY customer. Sadly, when the big players in the space only have a hammer, every problem needs to be a nail.

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