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Innovative ‘Universal Voice Utility’ from Vangard Voice Systems Makes WMS Voice Productivity Affordable for Small and Medium Size Warehouse Operations

‘Server-Less’ Mobile Voice Utility Drives Down WMS Voice Acquisition Costs for Smaller Warehouse Operations – Eliminates Costly Server Integration, Vendor Interfaces and Middleware

IRVINE, Calif. — Vangard Voice Systems, Inc. (Vangard) announced today the availability of its fully device-based and completely ‘server-less’ AccuSpeechMobile™ Universal Voice Utility now providing a practical and affordable voice productivity software solution for the high growth market of small and medium size businesses using or acquiring commercial and custom-built warehouse management systems (WMS). The complexity and costs of traditional WMS voice technologies has limited the adoption of warehouse voice productivity to less than 10% of the install-base of today’s warehouse management systems. Vangard’s simplified mobile software innovation drives down these acquisition costs, and expands marketplace adoption, by enabling complete voice functionality and seamless WMS integration solely on today’s powerful ruggedized mobile computers, eliminating completely the IT server as the center of costly and complex WMS voice integration.

The Universal Voice Utility includes wizard-based customization tools that enable IT professionals to quickly customize the device resident ‘voice utility’ to seamlessly support all WMS functions, solely from any market available ruggedized mobile computer platform. Because of Vangard’s mobile device-centric architecture, the customer avoids any need for expensive and complex server-based integration, no vendor voice-interfaces, server links, middleware, no risky changes to critical businesses processes, or the abandonment of investments in existing warehouse productivity technologies.

“It’s no surprise that in the last 20 years WMS voice productivity has penetrated less than 10% of the installed-base of modern WMSs. A large market segment of small and medium size warehouses remain unable to justify the historically high costs of older pioneering voice technologies,” said Dan Villanueva, Vice President of Marketing for Vangard Voice Systems. “Now innovation changes everything. Our Universal Voice Utility eliminates all the complexities and costs associated with older server-dependent technologies. Our voice innovation makes warehouse voice productivity a simplified and affordable option for any of our warehouse customers with just 40 warehouse workers, or larger customer operations with 1000 workers across multiple distribution centers.”

With commercial WMS growth predicted by TechNavio to expand by a CAGR of 8% through 2014, many companies will be assessing or re-assessing their WMS providers including market leaders like Manhattan Associates, RedPrairie’s SAP and Oracle. These and other WMS vendors are offering WMS solutions like RedPrairie’s Smartturn WMS designed specifically to support small to medium size business. Now, Vangard’s innovative yet affordable Universal Voice Utility can instantly ‘plug & play’ with any WMS vendor a customer chooses, providing an investment protection not otherwise available in the voice WMS market.