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AccuSpeechMobile Welcomes Mobilis as a Solution Partner, Expanding Partnerships for the Latin America Region

Irvine, CA, October 14, 2021

Irvine, CA, October 13, 2021, AccuSpeechMobile, the leading provider of voice automated solutions for supply chain, field services, and EAM processes, is pleased to welcome Mobilis, based in Naucalpan, Mexico as a Solution Partner serving Latin America.

There is an increased level of interest among Latin American firms to explore voice solutions to keep up with the rapid growth of eCommerce transactions in the region. Mobilis has extensive experience delivering technology solutions to optimize operations for the warehouse and distribution market. Mobilis has delivered solutions for Manufacturing, Retail, and Consumer Goods companies across the region, including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brasil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

Many organizations in the region have been investing heavily in migrating their old legacy devices to newer, powerful Android devices. Many others are unaware of the 100% mobile, device-based voice solution that AccuSpeechMobile provides. Commenting on the comparison of legacy voice for the warehouse, Bob Bova, President of AccuSpeechMobile asks, “Why would any company want to incur the additional investment in legacy voice servers, voice, training of users and proprietary voice-dedicated devices if AccuSpeechMobile allows them to easily transform their recently-acquired Android handheld computers into voice-enabled hands-free devices?” 

Thanks to Mobilis’ extensive experience providing solutions to optimize warehouse operations, and the deep and wide network of solution partners in the region, companies in Latin American can work with a regional expert, with native Spanish-speaking experts from Mobilis. Voice automation from AccuSpeechMobile speeds warehouse processes, improving productivity and accuracy, which is critical for eCommerce order processing. 

AccuSpeechMobile is pleased to work with Mobilis to offer voice automation solutions for the Spanish-speaking community of the Latin American market. "It is a pleasure to welcome Mobilis as a new partner. The Mobilis level of service, expertise with technical solutions, and experience working with clients across the region are ideal. We look forward to sharing the benefits of mobile, device-based voice automation with clients across Latin America," comments Bova.

About Mobilis

Mobilis is a consulting firm with more than fifteen years of experience in mobile solutions for the supply chain industry. They pioneered the adoption of Lean Warehouse principles to barcode-scanning practices. From mobile computer manufacturers to supply chain system vendors, from system integrators to end-users, every major company in Latin America looks up to Mobilis to solve their most challenging mobile system implementations. Mobilis has established itself as the ultimate connectivity software authority in the region. Mobilis is a StayLinked Certified SmartTE Solutions Provider, and Microsoft Silver Partner. For more information visit or email

About AccuSpeechMobile

AccuSpeechMobile’s modern, mobile device-based solution voice automates industry workflows, including Supply Chain, Distribution, Field Services, and Enterprise Asset Management. Processes in the warehouse including picking, in the Factory or Field Services such as mobile inspection, maintenance, and repair, benefit from hands-free, eyes-free voice-directed workflows. AccuSpeechMobile works with popular backend applications (WMS, ERP, EAM) allowing clients to rapidly achieve double-digit improvements in productivity, increased accuracy, workforce safety, and operational efficiency. To learn more visit

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