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AccuSpeechMobile Finalist for 2016 Red Herring 100 Global Award

Irvine, CA, November 9, 2016

Advanced Mobile Voice? Automation Capabilities Deployed to Enterprise Mobile Apps by Leading Customers

AccuSpeechMobile®, a Vangard Voice Systems® company today, announced that it has been selected as a candidate for Red Herring’s 2016 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most far-reaching private technology companies across the globe. The AccuSpeechMobile Voice? Automation solution is the only completely mobile solution, that delivers both new workforce voice productivity plus automation to any existing mobile automation without changing application code or infrastructure.

Leading enterprise customers from the retail sector like Cabelas’ Foremost Outfitters, Caleres Inc. and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to the aerospace sector such as United Launch Alliance are using the scalable AccuSpeechMobile solution to deliver voice productivity and application automation. These enterprise-wide applications scale across mobile distribution and logistics to mobile inspections, assembly and repair applications all driven from a variety of mobile handheld, tablets and smartphones.

“Red Herring has recognized how our customers have adopted our advanced mobile voice productivity and automated solution to substantially increase mobile workforce productivity and further automate their existing enterprise-wide mobile applications,” said Bob Bova, President and CEO of AccuSpeechMobile. “In addition to voice-powering existing mobile applications, our customers use the AccuSpeechMobile solution for automation, continuing down the path of optimizing their existing mobile investments, seamlessly without changing enterprise application code or infrastructure – making their existing operations faster, better and stronger.”

“In today’s economies, the unrivaled technology ubiquity is not only disrupting how we work but also how we live and think. The vast amount of data and intellectual property combined with the innovation and disruption created by today’s entrepreneurs is touching every sector. More than 300 startups are striving in the construction field alone. The 2016 Red Herring nominees have proven that while some will worry about a bubble, there is no pause in innovation any time soon. And nothing must be taken for granted in this electoral year,” said Red Herring CEO, Alex Vieux. “Speed, creativity and unconventional business models are constantly shifting investors’ thesis and users’ behavior – both are demanding more, not less, from entrepreneurs. An unprecedented number of entrepreneurs are jumping ahead of the competition and making a difference. Constant breakthroughs make recent developments obsolete faster than ever before.”

About AccuSpeechMobile

AccuSpeechMobile, a Vangard Voice Systems company, is the innovative provider of the AccuSpeechMobile Voice Automation Solution, a completely mobile, multi-OS, and ‘server-less’ voice productivity and automation solution for any mobile workforce application. The device-intelligent mobile voice solution allows customers to increase mobile workforce productivity, while streamlining and optimizing customer operations with voice-automation, solely from their mobile devices, avoiding completely any changes to application code or infrastructure. The only scalable solution of its kind, it delivers voice productivity and automation to any existing web-based, thick-client, or client-server based mobile application. For more information, visit:

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