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AccuSpeechMobile Co-Sponsors and Presents at SAP Aerospace and Defense Innovation Days Conference March 7-9

Irvine, CA, February 16, 2016

AccuSpeechMobile®, a Vangard Voice Systems® company, announced today that it will co-sponsor and present at SAP’s Aerospace and Defense Innovation Days, March 7-9, in Dallas, Texas. A breakout session on Mobile Operations will feature an overview of the scalability of AccuSpeechMobile’s Voice+ Automation Solution across the full spectrum of mobile applications throughout the enterprise including manufacturing, shop floor processes and mobile inspections.

In addition to its co-sponsorship, Bob Bova, AccuSpeechMobile’s president and CEO, will be a breakout session presenter on “Mobile Operations Visual and Voice Enablement” on March 9th. Joining Mr. Bova on the panel will be Anthony Taliancich, from United Launch Alliance, an AccuSpeechMobile customer, and Dave Blatner, Industry Specialist for Aerospace and Defense for SAP. The AccuSpeechMobile partnership with SAP focuses on the voice-enabling and automating of cross enterprise mobile applications developed by SAP application development platforms.

About AccuSpeechMobile

AccuSpeechMobile, a Vangard Voice Systems company, is the innovative provider of AccuSpeechMobile Voice+ Automation Solution, a completely mobile, multi-OS, and ‘server-less’ mobile software voice and automation solution. The solution allows customer to increase mobile workforce productivity and optimize mobile applications by easily voice-upgrading any existing web, device, or client-server based mobile application with complete voice-directed data collection, access and navigation controls. For more information, visit:

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