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AccuSpeechMobile Achieves Zebra Technologies’ Validation for Heads-Up Display

Irvine, CA, November 16, 2020

AccuSpeechMobile validated at Zebra’s Solutions Center to Automate Multimodal Workflows with Vision, Voice and Scanning

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Irvine, CA - November 16, 2020 - AccuSpeechMobile today announced it has successfully completed Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program for its Voice Automated Workflow solution. This designation indicates to customers and partners that AccuSpeechMobile was successfully tested - confirming its performance and functionality with the HD4000 heads-up display and TC77 mobile computer.

AccuSpeechMobile delivers multimodal workflow automation with voice, vision and scanning for industry processes in the warehouse, factory and field services. The powerful combination of information displayed on smart glasses in conjunction with voice, scanning, and automation empowers operational workflows such as vision picking, mobile inspection, maintenance and repair to increase productivity, accuracy, and worker safety. Automated workflows direct users through the process using audio input/output and visual information presented simultaneously. Workers’ hands and eyes are free to focus on the task at hand, and worker safety is improved. AccuSpeechMobile’s voice and vision directed workflows allow users to hear audio and see visual prompts for the current task, visually validating as well as hearing the information reduces errors and increases efficiencies.

“In the warehouse, staffing continues to be a critical part of operations,” says Bob Bova, CEO of AccuSpeechMobile. “We’re excited to achieve this validation with Zebra Technologies for the HD4000 Heads-Up-Display and Zebra Android mobile devices,” continues Bova. “Reducing the time-to-ramp for new workers from several weeks to a few days is straightforward and within reach for many organizations.”

Text and images can be combined with voice commands to provide additional visual cues to the user. The lightweight optical module of the HD4000 allows information to be presented within the user’s field of view, simply by looking at the translucent data overlay and listening to voice commands, users have access to the right information, at the right time in the workflow process, delivering a better work experience.

Multimodal workflows with vision, voice and scanning are now available for all organizations and can be deployed within weeks. For an existing voice implementation with AccuSpeechMobile, vision can be added using the Zebra Technologies HD4000. Seeing and hearing is believing. To see a product demonstration please visit

Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program enables eligible channel partners to test the interoperability of their software solutions with select Zebra mobile computers, scanners, printers and RFID readers, to meet user application-specific needs, and reduce both the risk and the deployment time for the user.

Working closely with Zebra engineering teams, AccuSpeechMobile has tested its voice automation solution with select products for interoperability, including the HD4000 heads-up display and TC77 mobile computer.



About AccuSpeechMobile

AccuSpeechMobile’s modern, mobile device-based solution voice automates industry workflows, including Supply Chain, Distribution, Field Services and Enterprise Asset Management. Processes in the warehouse including picking, in the Factory or Field Services such as mobile inspection, maintenance and repair, benefit from hands-free, eyes-free voice directed workflows. AccuSpeechMobile works with popular backend applications (WMS, ERP, EAM) allowing clients to rapidly achieve double-digit improvements in productivity, increased accuracy, workforce safety and operational efficiency.

AccuSpeechMobile’s agile, mobile device-based development quickly delivers non-disruptive deployment while demonstrating productivity and accuracy improvements immediately. Leading organizations in industries such as Aerospace, Apparel, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Publishing, Retail, Sporting Goods, Manufacturing, Wholesale and more have voice enabled multiple applications, demonstrating positive ROI in under 12 months. The AccuSpeechMobile solution works with mobile devices running Android, iOS, Windows, TE and select Enterprise Browsers. Voice automation is multimodal and can be easily combined with scanning and Vision as well. Voice Picking is a common first application in the distribution center followed by additional processes, including packing, cycle count, put-away, shipping and receiving, further extending the productivity, accuracy and worker safety benefits of hands-free, eye-free operations.

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