AccuSpeechMobile Voice Architecture Impacts Every Dimension of Deploying Voice Productivity

November 12, 2018

AccuSpeechMobile’s advance mobile voice architecture by design impacts every dimension of deploying voice productivity. A device-based WMS voice productivity architecture impacts economics with a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) at a fraction of older technologies, scalability across scores of applications, not just one or two. The advanced technology provides customer control over optimizing existing investments across distribution center’s (DC) operations, placing control in the hands of customer, not vendor professional services. It is a compelling solution that makes existing investments faster, stronger, better, without changing, replacing, or replacing them.

According to Bob Bova, CEO of AccuSpeechMobile, “Our mobile architecture lets us add voice control productivity and optimization to existing WMS applications with faster ROI by avoiding the high costs associated with older server-based solutions.”

AccuSpeechMobile can be integrated with an in-house developed WMS system as well as popular Warehouse Management Systems such as IBM DView, Manhattan WMS, HighJump WMS, LogPro WMS, Oracle WMS, Red Prairie WMS, Robocom WMS, SAP and more.

Cabela’s Outfitters has deployed voice for virtually all their existing distribution processes, fifteen applications across five national DCs and seventy-five retail stores. Oriental Trading has voice enable thirty-six applications across receiving, stocking, and inventory applications.