Using Voice Automation to Enable Big Data, Analytics and AI

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March 15, 2023

There’s an old saying in warehousing, manufacturing and industrial operations: “You can’t manage what you can’t see.”

If you don’t have visibility into what’s happening in your operations, you can’t manage it effectively. And without data, you can’t really see what’s happening in your workflows, including transactions, trends, productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

This is why it’s so important to collect data at the edge of your operations, so you can not only know what’s actually happening but also take advantage of opportunities to use big data, analytics and even artificial intelligence to identify problem areas; manage your assets, people and resources more effectively; and implement potential improvements.

For decades now, there has been a lot of talk about how AI will eventually help us do all of this automatically, steering us toward the right moves, the right changes, and more effective management of our industrial operations and processes. Now we’re finally seeing that vision become a reality, as many warehouse management systems, enterprise resource planning systems and even mobile device management platforms are using AI to automatically monitor activity and recommend best actions based on what’s happening on the warehouse or plant floor. Some are even able to implement recommended changes automatically.

However, none of this is truly possible or maximally effective without collecting the right data for either your managers to review or for AI to crunch and analyze. To do this, you need to be collecting relevant data from your workflows and transactions as well as from the mobile and other devices that you use at the edge of your operations. But data can’t come at the expense of worker productivity, where you’re asking people to spend a bunch of additional time entering, tracking or maintaining data.

This is where voice automation can be a huge benefit because it allows you to automate data capture and data entry using simple voice commands, so your workers can quickly and easily get data into your systems in far less time and with much less manual effort.

At AccupSpeechMobile, we have voice automation software that makes this possible through an application that runs on the mobile devices your workers use in your operations. It converts their speech and voice commands into automated keystrokes, data entry and even task events such as barcode scans to capture data.

Using our software running on mobile devices such as Zebra industrial touch handheld mobile computers, you can collect all the key transactional, process or other data you need to enable big data analytics, more proactive and effective process management, or even AI-driven analysis and recommendations.

For example, you can use voice automation to enable better workflow and trend analysis, transaction and purchasing analysis, shipping and logistics analysis, and much more. By allowing you to collect more relevant and accurate data, without adding an extra burden on your workforce, you can amass all the data you need for better decision-making and management at every step. And you can do it all while actually improving your overall productivity and efficiency, since your voice automation will also help you eliminate repetitive manual labor and get more done in less time.

To learn more about how this works and discover proven strategies and solutions to improve data capture at the edge of your operations, connect with our experts at AccuSpeechMobile, and we’d be happy to help. We can show you how our software works with your mobile and other devices to automate data capture at the edge, and we’ll show you how you can get a voice automation solution up and running in record time.

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