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March 8, 2023

As voice automation technology has gained widespread adoption in many busy warehouses, a number of software and hardware solutions have emerged as the leading choices in this growing industry. But one in particular offers some of the best benefits for companies and their end users, and that’s AccuSpeechMobile running on Zebra mobile devices.

AccuSpeechMobile takes advantage of a device-based approach and today’s latest speech recognition engines to provide one of the easiest solutions to implement, and you get outstanding, measurable results at one of the lowest available costs.

Since AccuSpeechMobile runs seamlessly and directly on Zebra and other mobile devices, with no server requirements, no back-end integration and no long-term maintenance or integration services needed, it’s one of the lowest cost solutions on the market. This device-based simplicity also means you can implement voice automation with an entire array of mobile apps or mobile business systems in just 4 to 6 weeks.

Instead of spending months on an implementation, at enormous cost to your bottom line and your available time and resources, you can have voice-enabled apps at your fingertips and use them to start making huge gains in workflow productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in a matter of weeks.

Our engineers at AccuSpeechMobile routinely voice-enable multiple apps at the same time, so you can quickly start getting double-digit productivity, efficiency, and accuracy increases with each app after just 1 or 2 months.

You can optimize each workflow exactly the way you need, with a customized approach that your users will be comfortable with, and our software does all the heavy lifting. It allows your users to speak simple voice commands into their devices or headsets, and those commands are converted into automated keystrokes, data entry, button presses, barcode scans and transactions. We can also automate the opening of screens or new sessions, and even enter data between two different systems.

As a result, in most implementations, our customers see improvements in productivity and accuracy between 25% to 45% and sometimes as high as 90%, 100% or more. It all depends on your current processes, how you implement voice automation, and how much you aim for continuous improvement.

In many cases, we can start by developing a voice automation demo and sample integration for one of your key mobile apps and related workflows or processes, and we can test it in your real-world environment. Once we’ve automated your mobile workflow and validated your new voice-enabled process, we can quickly deploy it across an entire area, such as picking, receiving, packing or shipping, and we can scale up from there and expand voice automation into other apps or processes.

Along the way, we make sure that your voice automation integrates beautifully with your business systems, apps, and the specific task or tasks you need to automate. We regularly work with warehouse management systems, ERPs, and other systems, helping companies voice-enable virtually any mobile app and workflow in their operations.

We also work closely with Zebra Technologies, one of our mobile hardware partners, to help companies deploy voice automation and their mobile apps on Zebra’s industry-leading enterprise mobile computers and tablets. Zebra has an unparalleled reputation for mobile computing specs, performance and durability, and they have well over 20 devices with form factors and features to fit almost any workflow or process.

Using our AccuSpeechMobile software running on Zebra devices, our customers get the best of both worlds, and they can maximize their return on investment while seeing ROI within 12 months or less.

To learn more about AccuSpeechMobile, what sets us apart, and what our voice automation solutions can do for you, connect with us now to get answers to your questions and schedule a complementary discovery call at your convenience.

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