New Ways to Use Voice Automation in Warehouses and Plants

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March 1, 2023

There are many ways to use voice automation to boost productivity, efficiency and accuracy at the edge of industrial operations. But as voice technology continues to evolve, we’re now seeing new breakthroughs and innovations that allow voice recognition to automate many tasks beyond the traditional use cases of voice-enabled picking or fulfillment.

With voice automation, you can now voice-enable conveyors, robots, pallet builders, and even barcode scanners. It all happens with the same voice recognition software and tools that we can use to reduce process steps, streamline workflows, and eliminate errors and inefficiency in our human-focused mobile workflows.

In traditional voice automation applications, voice recognition is used to convert simple spoken commands into task automation, such as using voice commands to automatically enter data, scan barcodes, or complete mobile software tasks. Instead of having to tap on a mobile device screen or pull a trigger, the voice command is automatically converted into keystrokes, scan events or function key presses.

Usually, this kind of automation is used in workflows such as picking in the warehouse or scanning barcodes for work-in-process tracking in a manufacturing plant. For example, our software runs on Zebra mobile computers to help automate data entry, barcode scanning and warehouse management tasks for receiving, picking, packing and shipping workflows.

But the same voice automation can now be used to trigger events performed by all sorts of devices and equipment, even on a conveyor or production line or in a pallet-building or packaging operation. For example, a worker can use a Zebra mobile device and headset paired with our software to send voice commands to machinery or equipment.

This means there are now countless ways to use voice automation to your benefit, and our team at AccuSpeechMobile has been busy working with many of our customers to implement these new applications over the past several years.

One of the key advantages of our solution is that our voice automation and recognition is entirely device-based, so you don’t have to install or run something on your server, and you don’t have to do any expensive or time-consuming back-end integration. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that gets you up and running quickly and reliably, without all of those other headaches.

Additionally, our software takes advantage of the noise cancellation built into headsets and other mobile devices to enable extremely reliable and effective voice recognition. We have software and hardware solutions that recognize every voice command, inside or outside the four walls, and even in the noisiest and most chaotic environments.

If you’ve ever worked in a warehouse in the summertime with huge industrial fans running, in a plant where high-decibel equipment is always running, or in places where you have metal forklift wheels moving over metal grates, you know how loud industrial environments can be. But noise cancellation technology has gotten so effective that it can block out all of this with ease and allow voice commands to work seamlessly.

In developing our speech recognition and voice automation apps, we made noise cancellation and voice reliability a focal point, with extensive testing in real-world environments to ensure that our solution always delivers the required results.

The end result is a combination of high-performance and reliable voice automation with an entirely new world of applications and opportunities. In addition to automating fulfillment, shipping and other tasks for the mobile workforce, we’re also able to help automate other industrial processes as well, using integration with other devices and equipment.

To learn more about voice automation, how it works, and how you can implement it to automate your mobile and industrial workflows and processes, connect with AccuSpeechMobile now to schedule a demo and personalized consultation at your convenience.

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