Voice Picking Solutions for Automotive Manufacturers

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February 9, 2022

It’s hard to imagine an industry facing more substantial challenges than automotive manufacturing. Today, of course, manufacturers around the globe are dealing with seemingly endless supply chain disruptions. It is expected that the shortage of microchips will reduce the global production of cars and light trucks by 7.7 million units. As a result, manufacturers were expected to lose $210 billion in revenues in 2021 – a trend they hope to end this year, especially given the increasing demand for battery-powered and plug-in hybrid vehicles. As a result, manufacturers are facing the accelerating need to revise vehicle lineups and retool entire factories and production lines to meet regulatory mandates.

A long-time industry giant has set a 2035 goal for a complete switchover to zero-emission cars and trucks. Some manufacturers are moving even faster. While one manufacturer already includes an electric motor in every vehicle it builds, another has pledged to become an all-electric brand by 2025.

On top of all that, there are ongoing labor challenges. Labor shortages will complicate as supply chain problems ease and factories ramp up production to pent-up consumer demand for new vehicles. Some manufacturers are already reopening production lines and resuming overtime shifts to make up for production lost last year.

These short-term challenges and long-term trends are combining to put even more pressure on businesses that supply parts and systems for automotive manufacturing. The need to integrate production and delivery schedules is becoming more critical than ever. To respond, manufacturers and suppliers need to ensure their operations are as efficient as possible.

AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies voice automation technology

Voice Picking Solutions for Your Warehouse

To keep pace, many manufacturers are considering voice picking solutions that have proved to increase worker productivity and reduce expensive errors.

The voice picking solution offered by AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies prompts workers with verbal instructions. These instructions are delivered via workers’ headsets and microphones alongside information delivered on their mobile computer or wearable screens. The net result is that workflows are accelerated because workers' hands are freed up for other tasks.

The key to successfully implementing voice-automated workflows is choosing technology that offers flexibility and agile customization. These qualities will allow easy adaptation to specific processes. It’s also essential to choose a solution that is engineered for manufacturing environments. That’s why so many manufacturers favor voice-enabled solutions that combine AccuSpeechMobile technology with Zebra hardware.

For example, AccuSpeechMobile utilizes cutting-edge noise-canceling features that deliver outstanding performance in even the noisiest manufacturing environments. A speaker-independent voice engine works for all users right out of the box and removes the requirement to voice train or maintain voice files for each user.

AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies voice automation solutions

Zebra's wearable devices, mobile computers, barcode scanners, and mobile printers are all designed for rugged durability. These quality products withstand rough handling and tough conditions in factory settings.

Together, these tools combine to provide voice-enabled automation solutions that optimize performance, error-proof workflows, streamline processes, and verify accuracy in real-time.

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers look to a future that is filled with complex challenges. However, innovative solutions such as voice-enabled automation will help the leaders set the pace. Contact AccuSpeechMobile to learn more.

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