Speech Recognition: Frequently Asked Questions

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February 3, 2022

We live in a world where modern digital technology has permeated every facet of our lives and given us a boost in almost every aspect of business. And now, many businesses are gradually adopting speech recognition technology to support the digitization of content and digitalization of conversations.

While many companies have implemented this technology, many still have doubts, concerns, and questions, which we aim to address through this blog post. This is everything you need to know about this new technology, including its advantages…

FAQs about Speech Recognition 

As with any other newly introduced or developing technology, we have some questions about speech recognition that need some answering.

1. What is speech recognition? 

Speech recognition technology is a computer program's ability to put human speech into writing. In other words, when you talk to software, it can recognize what you are saying and turn your voice into a written format.

2. Are speech recognition and voice recognition the same? 

Most people interchange these two as they both function in almost the same way. Speech recognition identifies what you are saying, while voice recognition acknowledges your voice. However, the difference between speech recognition and voice recognition is their ability to recognize the information.

AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies voice automation technology

3. What are some examples of speech recognition technology?

While Siri, Alexa, and Google Now are some of the most popular speech recognition software programs today, companies like Zebra Technologies and AccuSpeechMobile have created more innovative speech recognition tools to help business workflows.

4. Who commonly uses speech recognition?

As fintech, e-commerce, and other digital businesses continue to progress, the use of speech recognition has become more vital. Virtual assistants, doctors, and executive assistants are some professions utilizing this technology's power. Doctors don't need to note the patients' symptoms by hand as speech recognition can capture their verbal notes. Assistants don't need to manually input the meeting minutes as the software can do the job.

Speech recognition is also highly valued at warehouses. It increases productivity by allowing floor staff to access information hands-free, eyes-free, and wirelessly. It offers the workers freedom of mobility. Warehouse voice technology is effective even in the noisiest of environments, ensuring your workers have a flawless experience.

5. How does it work?

Speech recognition software receives the spoken speech and analyzes it word by word, using algorithms to identify the most apparent word closest to the speaker's sound. 

6. Is it essential to have speech recognition in the business?

Speech recognition is essential in business because it contributes significantly to the success of organizations. Companies that provide customer service can benefit from this technology as it improves the customer experience while lowering organizational costs.

AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies voice automation solutions

The Advantages of Speech Recognition

1. Enhanced Customer Service 

By implementing speech recognition, you’re eliminating the task of typing for your workers. While you might think it's an easy job, it is time-consuming and tiring. Additionally, you can extend the solution to customers so that shoppers, patients or others with visual and hearing problems can engage with your employees via the hands-free and text-free system. 

2. Improved Accuracy

With plenty of tasks at hand, it's hard for workers to stay focused and motivated. However, with speech recognition, they can increase efficiency and productivity, without increasing errors. Speech recognition uses a highly advanced system to analyze the sound and algorithm of the message. This makes it easier to maintain the accuracy of the information.

3. Accelerated Speed

With speech recognition, workers don't need to listen to certain information repeatedly. In addition, they don't have to pause and play the recording repeatedly to keep up with the spoken message. The speech recognition program can analyze and transcribe it for them.

4. Increased Productivity Level

Most of us cannot write as fast as we speak, and some files don't need extensive review or corrections. By adding speech recognition to your system, you remove writing from the equation for faster documentation or transcribing process. It means workers can complete tasks in less time, increasing productivity by a more significant percentage.

The Best Speech Recognition Solutions from Zebra Technologies and AccuSpeechMobile

In general, incorporating speech recognition programs into your business system and workflow can strengthen your overall process, eliminate unnecessary tasks, and enhance productivity. Moreover, it can also help you create an environment that doesn't overwhelm employees with various workloads.

Zebra Technologies has partnered with AccuSpeechMobile to offer voice recognition technology that supports real-time processing with your warehouse management system.

If you want to learn more about speech recognition, contact us today to discuss your business requirements.

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