Optimize Your Business Operations With A Robust Voice Picking System

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January 17, 2022

We understand how challenging it is to keep up with the fast-changing trends in the warehouse industry. Improving your customer service, workflow systems, products, and services is your top priority.

This article will explain how an efficient voice picking system can help you optimize your warehouse processes and increase your efficiency.

What is a Voice Picking System, and Its Benefits?

One of the most significant expenses for numerous e-commerce companies, retailers, and fulfillment providers is warehouse picking. It is where the selection of individual products is made to fulfill customers' orders. Warehouses and distribution centers utilize different methods to help businesses minimize their expenditures while still being productive. Finding ways to make the process faster and more accurate is the first step you should take. 

Voice picking is a paperless system that directs and instructs warehouse operators in their picking tasks through simple voice prompts. With voice picking systems, the fulfillment time decreases the rigorous process and overhead costs. This system offers plenty of advantages during the picking process:

1. Increased Productivity

Voice picking systems are paperless, hands-free, and eyes-free. This means that warehouse operators can focus on picking alone. They do not need to worry about handling instructions, paperwork, or working with multiple devices.

Voice picking makes the process a lot simpler. The pre-set instructions are already laid down for them so that they can just concentrate on listening to voice prompts. This makes rigorous tasks like inputting data or navigating their way through the warehouse simpler.

AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies voice automation technology

2. Boost in Accuracy 

As warehouse workers are holding on to fewer things like devices and paperwork, they can solely focus on the simple instructions. 

With fewer distractions comes an increase in accuracy, boosting your business's reputation, credibility, and customer satisfaction. 

3. Reduced Training Time 

In contrast to traditional picking that requires days to learn and understand, the voice picking system has fewer things to remember. 

It uses simple, everyday language, and the operators don't need to study how to input data or analyze detailed information. Warehouse operators only need a few training sessions to understand how the system works, and they'll be ready to work on their own. 

Furthermore, as the days of the training period are reduced, businesses are lowering their overhead expenditure.

4. Efficient Work Operations 

With voice picking systems, you can make it easier for your workers to fulfill their tasks. As you take out the burden of filling up paperwork, grabbing gadgets, and sticking labels, you help workers stay focused.

By simplifying the tasks, the workflow operations will be a lot faster and smoother. Additionally, you eliminate the usual dissatisfaction relating to work, creating a happy environment for them. 

AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies voice automation solutions

5. Flexibility 

If you have doubts about whether voice-picking systems will integrate well with your current warehouse management system, we can tell you that they will. Together with your IT experts, our team at AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies can help you integrate the voice picking system with your warehouse's procedure.

Besides, our voice picking system provider can also help you maximize its usage in your warehouse operations, making everything seamless and efficient.

6. Multilingual Capabilities 

Voice picking can have multilingual features for your workers' benefit. Operators can easily choose the language they want to work in. Working in a language that you're comfortable with increases accuracy, reduces misunderstandings, and the workplace becomes more inclusive. Not everyone speaks the same language in this globalized world, so giving them this option creates job opportunities.

Efficient Voice Picking System from Zebra Technologies and AccuSpeechMobile

A voice picking system can undoubtedly improve your business operations, and if the above advantages do not convince you, nothing else will. With all these benefits, they all boil down to a better quality of service. You can make that happen by improving your system with Zebra Technologies and AccuSpeechMobile. The gain will be more significant than you think.

Contact our industry experts at AccuSpeechMobile today! We’ll be very happy to assist you!

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