How Can Voice Picking Optimize Warehouse Operations?

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December 27, 2021

Over the past decade, how warehouse personnel facilitates daily communication has evolved. Voice solutions have become popular since they are known to reduce output errors and safety risks for warehouse personnel.

What is Voice Picking?

Also known as voice-directed warehousing and speech-based picking voice picking is an eyes-free and hands-free system. The system provides employees with an easy-to-follow voice that directs them daily on warehouse picking tasks in various locations.

How Can One Use Voice Picking?

Voice picking is a form of communication built to eliminate using your hands or eyes when completing a task. It is multimodal feedback that allows the operator to input data using voice, text, or barcode scanning. The aim is to decrease distraction from a task that needs high levels of attention and concentration.

The software used provides simple instructions in everyday language to facilitate communication between mission-critical systems and warehouse operators.

Voice picking is a simple yet organized process:

Step 1

Every operator gets a headset, microphone, and a voice-dedicated terminal such as a mobile phone. These devices define a voice picking system and may include a barcode scanner to make processes more efficient.

AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies voice automation technology

Step 2

Upon receiving orders from your host or warehouse management system, orders are recorded, organized, and released to be processed.

Step 3

The voice picking system of the operator will give the worker instructions on the next task and its location.

Step 4

When an operator directs a worker to accomplish a specific picking task, the workers receive a code. Upon arrival, this code is then asked for to confirm that they are the right person at the right place.

Step 5

Upon completing the picking task, the system will direct the operator to a new picking location. Usually, the system optimizes the process of the picking path to maximize efficiency and minimize walking through the warehouse.

Voice picking systems are integrated with existing warehouse systems to make assigning and processing tasks easier for the operator and staff.

What Are the Benefits of Voice Picking Systems?

Voice picking systems are beneficial in many ways such as improved efficiency and improvements in hourly pick rate. Choosing a reliable voice picking system like the one we have at AccuspeechMobile can save you a lot of time and errors. 

1. Less Time for Training

As opposed to traditional picking, which takes days to learn, voice picking uses simple everyday language which doesn’t require learning. Voice picking doesn’t require training for data entry or reading complex paperwork because everything is automated and simplified. 

AccuSpeechMobile and Zebra Technologies voice automation solutions

2. More Accuracy

With a voice picking system, you will have fewer distractions. There is no need to carry around a device except the headsets in which the worker will receive instructions. Research has found that warehouse operators increase their picking accuracy by up to 85% using this system, and customers are happier too.

3. Increased Productivity

Having a hands-free and eyes-free system allows operators to only focus on the picking task at hand. Voice picking has been found to increase productivity by up to 35%.

4. Safer Warehousing

When distractions and complications are subtracted from warehouse operations, fewer damages are done, and employees are safer in the process. For example, getting distracted while using a box cutter can be dangerous. Voice picking reduces distraction resulting in fewer injuries.

5. Happier Employees

Upon simplifying processes for your operators, employees feel relieved and happier. Employees that are happy and not frustrated tend to provide excellent service to customers. Keeping your employees happy also results in a decreased turnover.

Benefit From The Advantages of Voice Picking with Zebra Technologies and AccuSpeechMobile

Ranging from packing and consolidation to cross-docking and cycle count, voice systems can automate almost any hands-on process in the warehouse.

Zebra and AccuSpeechMobile are working together to provide the best options for warehouse visibility and meeting fast processing and delivery demands. The more voice-picking solutions intertwine with technology like robotics and augmented reality, the higher the demand. Contact our team of experts to learn more!

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