Amplifying the Power of Voice Picking with the Right Hardware & Support

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August 31, 2021
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The Value of an Experienced Partner

So, you’re considering implementing the power of voice picking into your operations? The good news is that many warehouses and distribution centers have benefitted immensely from voice picking solutions like AccuSpeechMobile. However, there are some careful considerations to be made before you roll out the time-saving, productivity-boosting, voice-enabled operations of your dreams.

While AccuSpeechMobile can increase process productivity by 40%, ensure 99% accuracy, and eliminate ramp-up time by 50%, having the proper solution components around the software is critical for achieving these results. In this article, each section will address a key component for creating a successful voice-automated workflow. More importantly, it will show you the value of working with an experienced AccuSpeechMobile partner and total solutions provider like RMS Omega. As an AccuSpeechMobile partner, RMS Omega’s goal is to use their industry expertise in bringing all these fundamental pieces together to create an effective voice automated solution that improves throughput, reduces errors, and meets compliance demands.

Setting the Stage with the Right Infrastructure

When it comes to the success of any workflow in a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility, it is essential to have a solid foundation in place. After all, you can give your warehouse workers the latest and greatest voice-enabled devices, but you will fail to achieve any productivity gains on a slow or spotty network.

Device connection issues, lag, and crashing are several signs of a weak or failing wireless network. To help our clients get the most out of their technology investments, our RF professionals will support each facility with wireless infrastructure services, such as:

  • Wireless site surveys
  • Network design
  • Analysis & optimization
  • Cabling
  • Installation & training
  • Management & support

When we survey a network, our technicians will walk through your facility and monitor wireless strength, producing a network coverage map with strong and weak zones.

We aim to make corrective steps to improve wireless performance, like eliminating factors that are interfering with network coverage, making it as cost-effective as possible. However, if a wireless infrastructure is needed, we provide industry-leading LAN and WLAN hardware.

In addition to a reliable wireless network, you also need a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that tracks product inventory as it is picked and shipped. One of the many reasons we like using AccuSpeechMobile for voice-directed workflows is that it can run off your existing hardware and work with your current WMS without changes to servers and back-end systems. With an easy connection to your current system, your team can get up and running without software integration headaches or a long project implementation process.

Identify the Right Instruments for a Stellar Performance

Once your facility has the building blocks in place, like a reliable network and inventory system, you can move on to selecting the ideal hardware for your environment and application. Since just about any mobile device can be voice-enabled with AccuSpeechMobile software, you have a lot of options! However, it's imperative to evaluate and select a device that will ensure a low cost of ownership and hold up to the daily use of your workers and work environment.

Device Considerations

Selecting an enterprise-grade mobile computer over a consumer-grade one will be necessary for running business-critical applications like AccuSpeechMobile and the software that is required for your workflows. Furthermore, modern mobile computers offer shift-long battery life and pair easily with headsets through a wired or Bluetooth connection.

That being said, selecting a headset and mobile computer that is light, comfortable, and easy to use should not be overlooked. After all, adoption from your end-users is key to achieving the many benefits that AccuSpeechMobile offers such as increased productivity, error reduction, and multilingual support.

Beyond handhelds and headsets, RMS Omega also has a diverse set of products and offerings including hardware, software, consulting, and professional services to support your entire facility’s needs, including:

  • Industrial printers, labels, tags & supplies
  • Mobile-powered workstations
  • RFID handhelds & checkpoints for automated inventory management

Environmental Considerations

Whether you’re using voice for warehouse or field service workflows, your mobile devices will experience elements like moisture, dust, dirt, and even frequent drops or tumbles.

Choosing a rugged enterprise-grade mobile computer will prevent any damage from these common environmental factors. Devices made for industrial environments, as opposed to consumer-grade smartphones, can withstand these elements and ultimately result in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), by not requiring frequent support and repairs. Rugged enterprise devices typically have a minimum IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 54. A rugged classification ensures that the device will prevent dust and water splashes from doing any internal damage to the computer. Enterprise-grade devices also have a longer life cycle. These devices are designed to be used and supported for 3-5 years, sometimes more, where consumer smartphones and tablets have a new upgrade released every year.

Another environment where voice-directed workflows have become popular is in cold storage facilities since most workers wear gloves and cannot perform manual data inputs on devices. In this case, cold chain compatible mobile computers and labels are a must. When you work with RMS Omega, we help you implement the right hardware and supplies so you can fully leverage voice picking in your unique environment.

Workflow Considerations

One of the key advantages of adding voice is to simplify picking workflows. At RMS Omega, we like to take it a step further with wearable devices. Wearable mobile computers and scanners are both lightweight and configurable, creating a completely touchless workflow. As a result, the only thing your workers have to do with their hands is picking and packing orders, not fumbling between pulling products and inputting information on their devices. Additionally, other hardware like tablets, vehicle-mounted computers, and heads-up displays work with AccuSpeechMobile software, creating a solution tailored to you.

Know When It’s Time for a Tune-Up: Security Concerns & More

A modern voice picking solution requires a modern device to support it. Most legacy devices run on a Windows Operating System that isn’t supported with security patches. As a result, you expose your operations to security vulnerabilities, a suboptimal performance due to outdated applications, and value chain compliance issues.

If you’re not using modern Android devices for your workflows, we invite you to contact our experts. We can help upgrade devices to a modernized interface in four simple steps, including speech functionality. As a result, operations are streamlined, worker’s productivity and accuracy levels are increased, and onboarding time is cut in half due to ease of use.

Have the Right Crew, so You Don’t Miss a Beat!

Our team of supply chain experts works with businesses nationwide to design, deploy, manage, and service strategic tracking and automation solutions. And, we specialize in solving a multitude of business challenges with barcode, RFID, data collection, wireless, and mobility technologies. Not to mention voice applications!

When you work with RMS Omega, you don’t just benefit from our fantastic software partners like AccuSpeechMobile, you get access to our in-house support team and technology experts that are there whenever a problem arises.

We are not just a vendor. We are a technology partner committed to advising and supporting our clients with the services they need, including:

  • Device deployment
  • Remote device management & troubleshooting
  • Helpdesk and technical support
  • On-site and depot repair service
  • Wireless network analysis and installation

If you’re looking to modernize your workflows with AccuSpeechMobile software, working with a technology partner like RMS Omega ensures you get a complete solution that is guaranteed to succeed. From your network’s performance to hardware specs, we make sure all the right components are in place so you can fully leverage voice automation to improve throughput and accuracy and reduce operational costs. Contact us for a free consultation. Along with the team at AccuSpeechMobile, we’re here to help.

Bryan Hooper, Senior Account Manager, RMS Omega Technologies
For over twenty years Bryan Hooper has been helping customers improve outcomes and resolve their biggest operational challenges by delivering leading solutions that include mobile computing, networking, barcoding and data collection integration services.

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