Voice Picking on the Edge

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July 2, 2021

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a technology approach that enables data to be processed and analyzed at the point of work, away from a centralized computing architecture. Grand View Research analysts have predicted that the market for edge-based mobile solutions will grow from $3.5 billion to $43.4 billion by 2027. Distribution centers and warehouses can now leverage edge computing’s scalability and flexibility to quickly expand without incurring huge infrastructure costs. Edge computing fits into this wider context by enabling manufacturers, 3PLs, and logistics companies to digitally transform and take advantage of new and existing solutions empowering them to be more efficient at the point of work while optimizing back-end operations.

Voice Picking on the Edge (VPE)

Because of the shift from central processing to computing on the edge, Voice Picking on the Edge (VPE) has emerged as the more efficient and effective voice picking alternative than traditional, on-premise server-based products and cloud-based voice picking applications. VPE computing enables faster, less restrictive data analysis, creating the opportunity for deeper insights, faster response times, and improved customer service. 

Automation at the Edge

VPE deploys voice automated workflows on the edge of the network, where it is closest to users and devices and the data sources. This Voice Picking mobile architecture increases worker productivity, safety and allows for user input to continuously improve workflows and mobile applications. Gartner states that up to 26 billion internet-connected ‘smart’ devices will be installed by the end of the decade, potentially generating around $300 billion and “significantly alter how the supply chain operates”.

Data Collection at the Edge

The increase in online shopping and eCommerce has resulted in new challenges for logistics, 3PLs, and retail companies. VPE is a proven technology to assist in keeping track of what inventory is in the warehouse, or in-store, helps businesses make more informed decisions, as well as avoiding stock-outs and hiring challenges. To keep up with this increase in demand, logistics organizations, 3PLs, and retail companies must understand what stock is where in their supply chain at any given time, at the individual product level. To do so effectively, a company needs to collect large amounts of data on the real-time position and status of their products, capturing this data on the edge.

Warehouse Applications at the Edge

Voice Picking is only the first edge-based distribution facility application that can employ and deploy voice for all these benefits. The architectural agility and flexibility of device-based voice can be employed on cycle-count, restocking, shipping, receiving, and any warehouse application that runs on the edge. The new, powerful mobile devices utilized by today’s organization have the feature richness and full capability of using voice to collect, automate, digitize, monitor, and manage data in real-time. 

Edge voice technology not only enables and enhances the use of IoT and AI, but it also makes it easier for organizations to use enterprise-wide by making deploying it so much faster and more effectively than static location-based server applications. This benefit allows new, voice automated processes to be implemented faster than before, making the workers more productive and efficient across an entire company.

As the technology continues to evolve rapidly in the warehouse, this integration of edge-based architecture is a challenge to the DC managers and IT departments in these companies. Operations executives, 3PL directors are all now in the business of being able to provide the informative benefits being trumpeted by this changing environment in real-time. Many of these organizations are turning to and depending on technology companies and solutions that have provided edge-based solutions for years and have solid metrics already in place as to their return on investment as well as efficacy and productivity improvements.

AccuSpeechMobile at the Edge

AccuSpeechMobile is one such edge solution. AccuSpeechMobile has been providing VPE technology for well over a decade. During this time, ASM has developed and provided real-time reporting for processes that have been voice-enabled, presenting real-time statistics on all aspects of the voice automated workflow. Additionally, this edge-based voice technology and reporting can be used for all warehouse applications (Cycle Count, Shipping, receiving, all types of picking, returns, restocking) any application on the mobile device - all with a single software license.

As these edge devices have evolved to support newer technologies, ASM has kept pace by supporting bar code scanning and vision technology that run on these devices. Companies that have made the move to Android can drop in voice automation as they deploy these devices at their own pace. ASM’s existing customers that have developed edge-based applications on Microsoft devices can recompile these projects for deployment on new Android devices quickly and effectively. 

Power at the Edge – Available Now

As technologies continue to be developed for this edge-based architecture, AccuSpeechMobile will continue to provide features and benefits that will exploit the edge hardware devices and software applications for their highest usage capabilities by using the automation functionality at the core of the ASM architecture. Optimizing workflows, providing solid ROI metrics, providing reasonable and fast deployments while providing a technology roadmap for companies to feel assured as their needs and requirements change has been at the forefront of the AccuSpeechMobile philosophy since inception.

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