Voice for the Temporary & Seasonal Workforce

Bob Bova   |    
July 10, 2018

Help your new/ temp employees pick at your standard rate in half the time.

According to a survey cited by MHI Solutions in a recent article, “… survey respondents identified their top two operational challenges as: increasing customer demands on supply chains (73%) and hiring qualified workers (64%).“

Other industry members facing similar challenges have creative approaches to finding a solution to the labor shortage. According to The New York Times, “The problem is that Mr. Nighswander faces a hiring challenge in his own business, … But rather than turn to robots himself, he has adopted a lower-tech solution: training. APT has begun offering apprenticeships, covering the cost of college for its workers…”

Hiring employees for distribution, logistics and manufacturing has become one of the top two most compelling challenges for organizations today. Both MHI Solutions and the NY Times data show that there is a dearth of qualified candidates and they need workers who can be hired and accelerated into their process as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Labor Shortage

In the current labor economy this is extremely difficult for the following reasons:

  1. A new employee needs to shadow an experienced employee to understand the intricacies of any organization’s workflows. This reduces the efficiency of the trainer’s work as well as taking weeks, and sometimes, months just to get the new worker close to acceptable output rates.
  2. Getting seasonal employees now, especially in some of the more rural areas for distribution volumes, is becoming almost impossible. How can organizations hire people and get them up to speed in a week or two when it could take months for a regular employee to be hired?
  3. How can you immerse a new/temp employee into your unique internal process flow AND simultaneously teach them to utilize newer mobile technologies? It compounds the complexity and adds even more time to the employee ramp-up process.

Unique Labor Challenges for the Manufacturing & Inventory Industries

It has been a long time since there has been such a tremendous need for employees in the manufacturing and inventory industries. But, that time has come. The challenge facing operations executives now, is finding training to rate and retain these new workers. What is a strategic weapon in this fight? Voice enabling existing processes. Speech enabled work automation and optimization brings critical benefits to the table:

  1. New workers are trained by technology, not other, highly experienced employees. This allows for the existing folks to focus on their jobs during peak periods.
  2. New workers are exposed to the latest and greatest technology, thereby increasing their value to their new employers immediately, as well as learning new skills and understanding how the technology is critical to their successful execution.
  3. A speech-enabled training mode speeds verbal response, and the ability to ask questions during the workflow can also be automated. This level of voice integration with existing applications, SIGNIFICANTLY accelerates the learning curve and supports the new employee in attaining an acceptable work rate in days and weeks, rather than weeks and months.

Embracing the New Voice Technology

Voice for the Temporary & Seasonal Workforce

Customers that have chosen to use the innovative voice technology from AccuSpeechMobile typically move forward and don’t look back. One of our retail customers employs over 2500 workers in the peak season and was hoping to decrease the ramp-up time required for temp and seasonal staff. They were thrilled to see an incredible 60% reduction in training time for new and seasonal warehouse employees after installing the AccuSpeechMobile solution.

Organizations have begun to embrace newer voice enabling tools that THEY are empowered to use and deploy. They can make changes, develop training modes and modules, as well as voice empower as many applications as they need – both inside and outside the four walls. The time has come for companies to attract newer, younger employees with cutting edge technologies and voice is a compelling catalyst for this growth and user experience.

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