Voice & Vision Ease Labor Shortage 

Workflow & Workforce Optimization

Automate Processes in 4-6 Weeks

Are you looking to optimize processes and bring new team members up to speed quickly?

Many distribution centers are facing increased pressure on order fulfillment, high employee turnover in the warehouse and the ever-present need to improve efficiencies.

What can you do right now, to improve productivity and positively impact operations - quickly and cost effectively? Add Voice Automation or Voice with Vision to your operations. Voice Automation or Vision combined with Vision support improved processes and rapid ramp-up for new team members. Existing process such as picking, replenishment, packing, returns, cycle-count, putaway and more require less time to execute. Worker safety is improved and higher work satisfaction is reported.
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Optimize Processes Such as Picking & More
Hands-Free, Eyes-Free Workflow
Multimodal - Vision, Voice, Scanning
Develop & Deploy within 4-6 Weeks
Your Team can be Trained to Deploy Voice or Voice & Vision to other process
Compelling ROI
If you'd like to use a Visual Component in the process, AccuSpeechMobile's Voice Automation Software is Validated for the HD4000 by Zebra Technologies (2020)
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100% on the mobile device, no edits or changes to your WMS application system (homegrown systems are fine, WMS in the cloud is fine). Runs on Android, WIN, iOS. Workflows are voice and vision automated on the mobile device.


Voice automation with AccuSpeechMobile transforms the workflow with voice input/output for the process. Users hear information and speak responses, keeping hands free, improving data accuracy, productivity and safety.


The HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display (HUD) from Zebra Technologies provides feather-light, crisp image quality.

Contextually relevant information can be displayed in the users real-time field of view, keeping eyes free to focus on the task at hand, and improving worker safety.


AccuSpeechMobile's workflow automation integrates voice commands with visual information presented on the HD4000 and information input from barcode scanners. 

AccuSpeechMobile incorporates RPA to automate repetitive work sequences for faster and more accurate process execution.

Multimodal Workflows

Adding voice and vision automation to typical processes in the DC such as picking, replenishment, packing, putaway and more, can reduce training time for new employees from weeks to days.

AccuSpeechMobile provides speaker independent, device-based voice automation that fits into your current operations with minimal time to deploy. 

Double-digit increases in productivity and near error-free processes are common after voice automating processes with AccuSpeechMobile. 

Why Voice Automation?

Here are some of the reasons our customers have selected AccuSpeechMobile to optimize existing processes.
4-6 Weeks

From POC to Production

On average, within a month and a half, one of the processes in the warehouse, such as picking, can be voice automated. Our timeline includes a proof-of-concept onsite with your data and your process.
12 Months

Return On Investment

The return on the investment for AccuSpeechMobile software is 12 months or less. Each process you voice automate delivers additional benefits. 
1-3 Days

Average Ramp Time for New Employees

The time for new employees to learn your process shrinks from weeks without voice automation to days. The system guides the worker through your processes.

Processes Voice Automated

Our customers add voice to multiple processes in the DC/Warehouse. Any process that you've implemented can be voice automated. 

Schedule a product demonstration!

The best way to learn more is to see a product demonstration. 

We will show you an online demo of a process before and after automation with voice, vision and scanning.

We're happy to discuss your requirements and tell you more about the benefits of voice automated workflows. 
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