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Vangard Voice Systems’ New AccuSpeechMobile/FFA Delivers Fast, Reliable, Voice-Directed Productivity to Mobile Field Force Automation Market

Hands-Free, Voice-Directed Capabilities Speed Productivity of Existing Mobile Field Service Applications by 30% Using New Mobile Device-Resident, Server-Independent Voice Solution

IRVINE, Calif. — Vangard Voice Systems, Inc. (Vangard), the innovator of AccuSpeech®Mobile voice technology announced the availability of AccuSpeechMobile for Field Force Automation (FFA) the first reliable and affordable voice-enablement platform for upgrading new and existing mobile field service applications with fast, accurate and intuitive voice-directed data collection and navigation controls. AccuSpeechMobile/FFA’s mobile device-resident, server-independent voice-enabling technology adds comprehensive “hands-free” voice-directed commands to existing field service applications, achieving incremental productivity gains of 30% or more compared to slower, distracting, error prone “fat finger” data entry and navigation.

Vangard’s AccuSpeechMobile/FFA is an affordable voice-enablement platform that provides all the tools and technology to quickly voice-upgrade new and existing wireless, wired or “store and forward” field service applications at an average daily cost of $1.25, or less per/mobile worker. A productivity driven ROI can be achieved in just weeks. For field service IT operations, AccuSpeechMobile/FFA’s cost of ownership is a fraction of older, costly and functionally-limited, server-dependent solutions typically employed in functionally limited warehouse and CRM applications.

“Until now the field services market has had little confidence in costly server-dependent voice solutions, incapable of empowering the mobile worker to voice-collect and transact, “heavy field service data” at the point of service,” said Bob Bova, president and CEO of Vangard Voice Systems. “Now, completely un-tethered from server-dependencies, AccuSpeechMobile/FFA’s device-driven voice technology offers a reliable, affordable, fully functional voice solution for the field services market. Now IT organizations can easily leverage hands-free voice capabilities to substantially improve field service productivity, service, and reduce costs in asset management, dispatch, delivery, ticket management, mobile inspections, maintenance, repair, inventory, location-based GPS and other field operations.”

New Productivity Gains

Using AccuSpeechMobile/FFA, Vangard Voice business partner, Z-Space Technologies experienced a 37% increase in productivity when adding hands-free voice-directed capabilities to its vehicle inspection application. “Voice technology for the field services market is ready for prime time with AccuSpeechMobile/FFA,” said Tim James, Chief Operating Officer of Z-Space Technologies. “The productivity gains we achieved with our inspections application demonstrate how voice-directed technology can impact mobile field service operations. With AccuSpeechMoble/FFA’s reliability, affordability and performance, we”re able to accelerate the adoption of voice-directed operations by our resellers and customers.”

To further underscore the impact of AccuSpeechMobile/FFA in the field services market another Vangard customer achieved a 77% increase in productivity, by voice-powering a public works asset inspection. Inspection time was reduced to just under 4 minutes using hands-free, eyes-free voice commands, compared to from 18 minutes using keyboard data entry.

Vangard’s white paper, “The Next Productivity Accelerator for Field Service Operations” is now available.

New Hands-Free Mobile Voice Productivity Interface

AccuSpeechMobile/FFA provides a non-invasive voice enabling development environment and device-side voice operations client solution that together enable a complete, fully functional “voice-keyboard” or voice-interface for existing “data heavy” Web, Windows Mobile or Back-End enterprise field service applications. The mobile worker’s new voice interface, speeds mobile performance by eliminating the distracting, error prone reliance on manual “fat-finger” keyboard and pull-down menu data entry; it reduces dependency on visual monitoring of mobile screens, and provides increased safety and freedom to multi-task, when liberated from physical manipulating the mobile devices.

Affordability and ROI

AccuSpeechMoble/FFA’s affordability is due to its non-invasive, device-resident approach which eliminates the integration costs associated with older server-dependent voice solutions. AccuSpeechMobile/FFA’s new device-resident voice technology can voice-upgrade a typical new or existing field service application for a field service workforce as small as 100, for as little as $1.25 per/worker, per/day. Return on investment can be achieved in as little as 4 to 6 weeks making AccuSpeechMobile/FFA a cost-effective productivity investment for systems integrators, ISV’s and enterprise IT organizations.