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Vangard Voice Systems’ Delivers High Performance WMS Voice Solution for Emerging Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Systems

ISV’s Offering WMS Cloud Solutions Can Offer Affordable Voice Productivity Upgrade to SMB Customers

IRVINE, Calif. – Vangard Voice Systems, Inc. (Vangard) announced today that its mobile device-resident, completely ‘server-less’ AccuSpeech®Mobile Universal Voice Utility is the performance standard for emerging commercial cloud-based warehouse management systems (WMS). Now ISV’s offering cloud-based warehouse management systems can also offer their small-to-medium business (SMB) customers an affordable platform for delivering instant WMS voice control capabilities for speeding distribution center processes and productivity. The mobile architecture behind Vangard’s Universal Voice Utility, delivers all voice control features and cloud-application integration seamlessly and solely from-and-on mobile devices. The high performance mobile solution executes all voice features and integration locally on the mobile device, avoiding any web-server or network delays, maintaining instant voice response time between the WMS cloud-services and the mobile warehouse worker.

Vangard’s innovative mobile voice solution is an affordable productivity accelerator for customers adopting cloud-based WMS solutions. Independent software vendors (ISV) are now providing a lower cost, low maintenance cloud-based alternative to more costly on-premise WMS deployments. For SMB customers, cloud implementations make it affordable to further improve the speed and efficiency of warehouse distribution operations. Vangard’s mobile voice innovation, like cloud-based solutions, simplifies the implementation and integration of WMS voice productivity with an affordable subscription fee, pay-as-you go model. Vangard’s solution makes it easy for ISV’s to voice-upgrade and deploy their WMS cloud solutions providing a practical, high performance, high productivity voice solution to their cloud customers.

“The increased market penetration of cloud-based warehouse solutions from leading supply chain ISV’s like HighJump and RedPrairie positions Vangard’s mobile WMS voice technology as the only practical, affordable and cloud-compliant voice productivity solution for SMB customers subscribing to WMS Cloud solutions,” said Dan Villanueva, Vice President of Marketing at Vangard Voice Systems. “It’s a powerful combination. ISVs leverage the cloud to deliver affordable WMS functionality, while Vangard leverages the power of the mobile device to deliver instant, seamless, high performance WMS voice productivity. The customer wins.”

High Performance, Customer Customization and Change Management
Vangard’s Universal Voice Utility includes a wizard-based software development kit (SDK) that gives ISV’s the ability to quickly voice enable, and customize the device resident ‘voice utility’ to seamlessly support all WMS functions for each cloud customer. When fully deployed on each workers mobile device, the mobile voice utility executes all speech-related and application integration functions on-and-from the device, eliminating any complex web integration, no voice-related web traffic, or server-related delays when executing voice functions to-or-from the warehouse management system. The wizard-based SDK also simplifies and speeds change management whenever the customer’s business process requirements change.