New Innovative Voice Technology in Demand According to AccuSpeechMobile CEO Bob Bova

October 15, 2018

Bob Bova, CEO and President of AccuSpeechMobile, recently discussed how innovative voice technology has altered dramatically over the past few years. According to Bova, “The demand is great whether in the manufacturing, industrial, retail, or distribution space. One of the greatest impacts of automating with new mobile voice technology is the ability to decrease the ramp-up time required for temporary and seasonal staff.” The article can be read in Manufacturing Tomorrow magazine.

Manufacturing operations executives are proactively seeking a strategic advantage by voice enabling existing processes. Speech-enabled work automation and optimization brings critical bottom-line benefits to industrial best-practices. Since new workers are trained by technology, not other highly experienced employees, the existing experienced worker is fully productive focus on their job’s responsibilities.

Warehouse operation managers acknowledge that when new workers are exposed to the latest mobile voice technologies, there is vastly higher job satisfaction and employee retention, while immediately increasing their value to new employers. Employees are more engaged since a speech-enabled training mode speeds verbal response. The ability to ask questions during the workflow can be automated.

Manufacturing Tomorrow is an online trade magazine featuring products, companies, news, articles, and events for the advanced manufacturing, factory automation, and 3D printing industries.

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