Need Labor for the Distribution Center?

Use Your Voice
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Has increased demand put pressure on order fulfillment? Is your workforce critical to operations? Are you experiencing high employee turnover in the warehouse?

What can you do to improve productivity and positively impact fulfillment operations, quickly and cost effectively? 

Add Voice Automation to your operations.
AccuSpeechMobile provides speaker independent, device based voice automation that fits into your current operations with minimal time to deploy, and no middle ware or integration required with your backend application system. Double-digit increases in productivity and near error-free processes are common after implementing AccuSpeechMobile's Voice Automation. Best of all, voice automated workflows significantly reduce ramp-up for new workforce members and seasonal staff.

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We can show you an online demonstration of an operational process before adding voice automation and after adding voice automation. Often seeing the product demonstration of "before and after" it's easier to envision how the technology can be deployed for your operating processes. 

We'll also discuss your needs and goals and tell you more about the process of voice automation. AccuSpeechMobile is designed to work with industry standard mobile devices running Android, Windows, iOS, TE and select Industry Web Browser interfaces for popular commercial and custom/in-house developed application systems (WMS, ERP, EAM). 

Development is agile and deployment is non-disruptive - no cut and swap needed since AccuSpeechMobile is deployed on the mobile devices (no voice server or middleware or any edits to your backend application system.
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