“Hands Free, Eyes Up” Webinar

“Hands Free, Eyes Up” Webinar 2019-03-12T14:50:27-08:00
"Hands Free, Eyes Up" Webinar


“Hands Free, Eyes Up” Webinar Event

Held on March 6, 2019

Presented by ASW Global Consulting and AccuSpeechMobile

Andrew Weith and Kevin Mun Photos


We rightly instituted laws to get hands back on the wheel and eyes back on the road, but where does this leave us within the four walls? Andrew Weith, the Founder of ASW Global Consulting and Kevin Mun, VP of Operations at AccuSpeechMobile discuss the impact voice enablement may have on the safety and productivity of your operations by keeping “Hands Free, Eyes Up.”

Whether looking at this issue from the safety or productivity perspective, it’s one needing attention either way. As demands on our supply chains increase, we ask our staff to maximize lines per hour without sacrificing accuracy. But we make no mention that by giving them the latest and greatest touchscreens and Android OS devices, we may be inadvertently directing them to focus their hands and eyes more on these devices and less on where they should be – like where they are going or the controls of the equipment they are operating. Listen to the On-Demand Webinar now and learn more.

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