CTO at AccuSpeechMobile Bill Arthur Architect of the Patented Mobile Voice Enabling Solution

October 23, 2018

William (Bill) Arthur, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at AccuSpeechMobile, is the architect behind the AccuSpeechMobile Voice & Automation Solution. The company’s patented mobile voice enabling solution that delivers both voice and automation capabilities to any existing mobile workforce application transforms the mobile device into a singular independent origin for deploying voice productivity to workforce applications.

The sophisticated capabilities that power the solution come from Arthur’s years of experience and expertise in natural language technologies and speech synthesis. Arthur has a Ph.D. in Mathematics/Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, as well as an MA and BA from the University of Massachusetts. His professional career includes substantial experience in both the Text-to-Speech (TTS) and speech recognition disciplines.

Arthur was directly responsible for implementing the speech interfaces for the voice-activated VCOMMAND automobile navigation system. He developed natural-voice TTS system currently being revised for use in a popular radio/ navigation module for a major automobile manufacturer.

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