AccuSpeechMobile Voice Automation Avoids Need for Server Integration

September 20, 2018

The AccuSpeechMobile voice architecture, voice-powers any existing enterprise mobile application solely from today’s mobile devices eliminating any need for server-based integration or changes to the application’s code.

This powerful mobile voice-enabling solution can extend the reach, performance, and productivity of the existing mobile workforce and significantly increase worker safety wherever deployed. Anywhere, from distribution to field service operations, WMS applications to mobile inspections, maintenance and repair, mobile delivery, asset management, transportation, fleet management, and beyond to support workforces of any size.

Beyond the substantial gains achieved with this workforce productivity, AccuSpeechMobile further improves mobile application optimization with device-driven voice automation. With AccuSpeechMobile, a single voice utterance can execute multiple application and device functions simultaneously and automatically from the mobile device, further eliminating human intervention and increasing data integrity. Voice productivity plus application automation means stronger, faster, better mobile operations. Now there is no limit to the ability to fully optimize existing mobile apps without changing the application code.

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