AccuSpeechMobile Voice Automates Existing WMS Apps

AccuSpeechMobile Voice Automates Existing WMS Apps

October 29, 2018

The AccuSpeechMobile Intelligent Voice Client, bound to the device’s operating system, can direct the execution of multiple application and device functions simultaneously, with a single voice utterance. The technology streamlines unnecessary navigation, function screens, and executes many application functions in seconds. Voice automation increases accuracy, data integrity, and delivers even faster operations without changing the warehouse management system (WMS) application or multi-application code.

A seamless, mobile voice capability directs handheld devices to execute multiple application functions automatically in seconds, skipping unnecessary navigation, speeding through processes – eliminating worker intervention while significantly reducing errors.

The AccuSpeechMobile mobile voice logic allows the device, where appropriate, to eliminate worker intervention, providing automated, device-executed application and cross application functions in seconds. Oriental Trading Company has reduced receiving functions from ten to two utilizing the AccuSpeechMobile automation capability. Cabela’s has reduced the time of pick-to-replenish functions to two seconds. Caleres has automated their picking systems supporting
omnichannel fulfillment.