AccuSpeechMobile Sees IIoT Voice Applications Changing the Face of MRO

November 14, 2018

Bob Bova, CEO and president of AccuSpeechMobile, discussed how IIoT (Industry Internet of Things) voice applications are changing the face of MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) in a recent article in Robotics and Automation News. MRO applications are making an enormous impact in industries such as aviation and aerospace, logistics and transportation, automotive, energy, field asset management, and quality control.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) has made it possible to track and reduce the high costs of maintenance by managing the inspection information on a timely basis. The use of IIoT is a far more efficient way to collect data that increases worker safety as well as data integrity. Because it is collected in 24/7 real-time, data and apps can be used all day, every day, and anywhere in the world.

Adding voice interface to the mix allows for a hands-free MRO process. Keeping hands on a wrench, rather than looking down and pushing buttons on a screen, voice enabling the interface to these mobile applications is changing the MRO to a best-practice, continuous process, lean manufacturing model. Collecting data becomes a more powerful tool on many levels starting with a standardized process (for everyone using the system).

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