AccuSpeechMobile New Voice Technology Brings Faster ROI by Avoiding High Costs of Older Server-Based Solutions

November 7, 2018

AccuSpeechMobile’s mobile architecture allows for added voice control productivity and optimization to existing WMS applications with faster ROI by avoiding the high costs associated with older server-based solutions.

AccuSpeechMobile’s device-based WMS voice productivity is a completely mobile voice solution that delivers voice control for existing commercial or custom-built WMS applications, solely from the mobile device. Its advanced mobile architecture eliminates any need for server-based integration of proprietary WMS applications. Customer applications are voice-enabled from distribution center (DC) workforce’s mobile devices, leaving existing applications and server infrastructure untouched. Most DC professionals evaluate options balancing risk and costs vs. potential gains in operational improvements.

AccuSpeechMobile customers like Cabela’s, Caleres, and Colony Brands saw the opportunity to improve productivity, increase accuracy, and optimize existing applications, avoiding the high cost and complexity of server-based voice integration.